This Change DLL Hash tool will make Detected dll hacks Undetected by changing some values! When you Change DLL Hash, you make it so they are harder to detect by game companies. Game companies go the easy route, and do what antivirus companies do, they add game hacks to databases, and search for those running in the background. If they match the name, or the size of the program. When we Change DLL Hash, we take the first step to making many game hacks, undetectable by game companies. 

Change DLL Hash

Change DLL HashWhen we Change DLL Hash, is it fool proof? No, you see a few game companies have learned to simply watch if values change in memory. Some of them check the title bar name, some of them will go so far, as to check if a DLL is injected into a game. This Change DLL Hash Utility, should be in every game cheater's arsenal, and part of their Game Hackers Utility Toolset. We will reference this name later with more posts.

So here's how I recommend using this Change DLL Hash tool. If you make a Game Hack DLL, you change the DLL hash size, and you distribute that one to your friends. Its likely someone will share that, and off we go, down the rabbit hole. But since you have the original, you change it to a different size and use that one. You can do it every day if need be. Alternatively, if you pick up someone else's DLL game hack to be injected into a game, you can always change the size, in case theirs becomes detected.

In either case, this Change DLL Hash tool serves one purpose only, which is to make it safer by not running the same DLL as everyone else. Included in this download will be instructions for use, as well as a tip that we found a few years ago, about injecting into games, when the games themselves are protected from injection.

Download Change DLL Hash tool

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  • Access via Survey: Download Download Simple DLL Cipher for Windows

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WARNING As with all game hacks, bots, and cheats, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you. We take utterly no responsibility for bans and suspensions.

Instructions to use the Change DLL Hash tool

  1. Download the .zip and extract it
  2. Run "Simple PE Cipher.exe"
  3. Press the browse button to locate your Dll
  4. Press "Run Cipher", if all goes as expected you should see a "Cipher Completed Successfully" message box appear.
  5. Inject the .dll. A backup of the original .dll is also created (with a .bak extension) in the same directory as the ciphered dll so you can revert at any time if something goes wrong.

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