There's a headline you need to know: Bitcoin Now Resurging. The question you need to ask yourself, is it too late, or do I have time to buy more, now that it's on the upswing? The answer is, Buy More Now. Get out of stable coins (as recommended here)

Bitcoin Now Resurging

Bitcoin Now ResurgingSo my last guess on why this was happening was that Musk (Pump and Dump) was somehow involved, and from what I have read it is due to him, but possibly indirectly as well. It seems he pissed off some whales, and they in turn decided to play with the market a bit. 

This gambit is being referred to as Whales Fargo. A whale being someone that holds a LOT of crypto coin, in this case Bitcoin. They dumped, and held their coin in stable coins, and now are buying Bitcoin back, with a fervor. We can expect Bitcoin to hit about $85k. Right now, Bitcoin is sitting a bit less than $40k each, that means that we can expect it to double in value over the next few days or weeks. Again, buy low, sell high. Here's an article talking about this same thing happening back in 2013.

Alt Coins now Surging

Just like Bitcoin is surging, so is the Alt Coin markets. As Bitcoin went to a low of $30k, and then started to bounce back, so are other coins. Already Ethereum is up to around $3k, and Doge is around $.35-$.38. Due to all coins being tied to the value of Bitcoin, I can project that Ethereum will hit around $5k to $6k and Doge to around $.60-$.75. I do not expect Doge to rise above that mark at this time. The market might say otherwise, and later this year, it might hit $1.00. 

With my altcoins portfolio, I never went below about 20% down, and for this resurgence, I have put most of my coin into Ethereum. I am not playing the Bitcoin game, as its much more volatile than Ethereum, and much less stable.

Words of wisdom

My words on this, is if any of the 3 coins I listed above are below my market cap, I suggest you keep buying, and ride the wave back up. I recommend Ethereum over either Doge or Bitcoin, but that's in part for Eth being much more stable and actually useful. 

Keep collecting shitcoins (low value altcoins) and free Satoshi. If you're still on an entry level market, get onto an exchange now, and start buying into the market for the doubling of you money.

Hitting the new Market Cap with Bitcoin Surging

Once you have ridden the wave up, put your excess money into a savings account, and earn interest. Now when I say savings account, I am not talking about either a bank or credit union, I am talking about on an exchange - like this one. If you expect the market to drop (we don't), put it into a stable coin and you can net upto 14% APR. If you expect it to keep climbing (we do), put it into a crypto money market account and make upto 10% APR interest.

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