If you're playing on a classic World of Warcraft server (I play on Turtle-WoW), then this Classic WoW Gold Guide is probably right up your alley. This is meant for anyone who is playing pre-TBC WoW. It has a total of 32 pages of well written information which will teach you 10 of the best strategies to making gold on any classic World of Warcraft server.

Features of the Classic WoW Gold Guide:

  • Classic WoW Gold Guide10 Strategies that yield in excess of 50 gold for each hour.
  • Procure the gold for your mount at level 40 inside 3 hours.
  • Instructions to make 20 gold each night just by signing on.
  • Have the best 3 social event courses for miners and herbalists appeared to you "bit by bit".
  • A manual for the absolute most profitable creating profession in World of Warcraft Classic.
  • Bot-appropriate cultivating spots for gold without exertion.
  • Forefront gold creation techniques upgraded for your group.
  • Mystery approaches to fund your epic mount and riding gear.

Download Classic WoW Gold Guide

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