If you're reading these Fortnite Newbie Tips, then I am guessing you are new to Fortnite, and want to become a better player, or just need a little boost in your knowledge of how to play the game successfully. Fortnite, unlike most of its First Person Shooter (FPS) competition, adds a little twist in that you can build walls and ramps in the game, once you have enough materials.

Fortnite Newbie Tips

Fortnite Newbie Tips - Play on Nintendo SwitchYou have the option to play PVE (Player versus Environment) and PVP (Player versus Player) in Fortnite. For the nature of these Fortnite Newbie Tips, we will be teaching you about the PVP end of this game. The PVP end is Free to Play (F2P), and the most popular portion of the game. The PVP is also known as Battle Royale, a 100 player PVP mode and the objective is to be the last man standing also known as King of the Hill. You can play solo, duo (with a partner), or with 3 friends. 

You need to jump out to reach a desired location on the map when you first start out. Pick a location with a lot of possible resources as you begin with no weapons, shields, nor ammunition. You can find this around the map in hidden caches or inside buildings. You should land on a roof, and make your way down, so that you can possibly find those hidden caches in hidden spaces within buildings - often in attics or basements.

Bonus Fortnite Newbie Tips: If you kill another player you will get his/her items.

Choice of Weapons

You should try to get some good weapons as soon as possible. This should be a range of a few weapons. You need to understand how the different weapons work!

  • Shotgun is the ultimate close range weapon.
  • Assault rifles are a very capable all round weapon.
  • Sniper rifles are good to drop enemies from a distance.
  • Hand guns are usually only good early game. They can also be used as a last resort.
  • The hammer you are equipped with is best for destroying items, but early game can be used to kill. Its not very efficient.
  • Rocket launcher should be used to destroy structures only. 
  • Traps should be lain, where someone least expects it, but is likely to get hit by them, such as on a walkway to bridge.
  • Grenades should be used to clear those doorways or stairs, if you hear someone in the same building as you.

You want to have a Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Rifle at all times. You should also have Med gear and potions.

Bonus Fortnite Newbie Tips: If you destroy a tower structure at the base, it will come crashing down, killing the player, who is building up if you catch them unawares.

Weapon Grades

fortnit newbie tipsWhen you are searching for weapons or traps, understand what the colors mean.

  • Grey items are the lowest quality.
  • Green items are a bit better than grey.
  • Blue items indicate that this is a rare item.
  • Purple items are epic and not so easy to find.
  • Orange items are legendary! Those are super hard to find and you need a good chunk of luck to find one, but when you do you have the upper hand!

Bonus Fortnite Newbie Tips: After you kill another player, you might find Epic and Legendary items. Discard your old weapons to get these, if you can do so safely - make sure to build a structure around you, so you can hide while getting these items.

Fight or Flee

Some times it's better to run/hide than fight. You don't have to engage in battle with every player you see! But on that note, remember to jump often, if you think a player has seen you - they will follow you. If you are running or hiding, build defensive structures! They can help mask your getaway or you can use them as cover to attack them sneakily. Don'tdo the samething everytime!

Don't be in the open unless you have to. Use terrain, trees, buildings to get cover.

Bonus Fortnite Newbie Tips: When running away, learn to jump and look behind or to the sides. Jumping makes you a harder target to hit. Looking behind or to the side, allows you to see if you are being followed or shadowed.

Entering Buildings

Be careful when you enter buildings! Other players can be waiting for you/camping inside! A common tactic, is to lay prone, at the top of stairs. If you see an open door, it means someone has been there. That's a bad sign and should be entered slowly, panning and strifing side to side. 

Bonus Fortnite Newbie Tips: When you enter a house with no one around, close the door behind you, so you can hear if someone enters. It also gives you a chance to lay a trap for someone else.

You can gather materials (wood, stone, metal) to build a fort or other defensive/offensive structures. You can get those materials by destroying items such as buildings, cars, and even trees. Roofs and trees yield wood. Walls usually yield bricks. Cars and other metal structures, yield metal.

You should only gather materials when no other players are near by, its very easy to be snuck up on, when you are gathering materials, and cannot hear anything around you. You can also build walls, to mask which materials you are gathering.

Watching and Creating Videos

You should record your own videos, when you start getting better, so that you can determine what you did right and wrong in the game. At the same time, we recommend you check out this fantastic video by rhinocrunch, as he shares more tricks to winning your first Battle Royale.

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