nI am going to teach you to get Free Minecraft Mods for Windows. If you've been playing for any amount of time, then you know to mod the game, costs Minecraft coins, which in turn costs real money. But the thing many people don't know, is that you don't need to necessarily pay for Mods, Addons, Textures, nor even World Templates, to play with them.

Free Minecraft Mods for Windows

Ghost Creepers hurt you when you aren't looking, then explode!The first thing you need to know about these Free Minecraft Mods, are that they are not necessarily the same files that are available via the Mojang store. However many of them in the store, actually have their roots within the free community. For example Lucky Blocks, was free long before it got on the Minecraft store costing some $3-$5. But there are more than just Lucky Blocks available. We'll go into that in a moment.

In order to get Free Minecraft Mods, you're going to need to know just one thing. To install a Minecraft Mod, you will need to download and install MCPacks, MCAddons, or MCWorlds. If you want to play a custom world, you will need to install MCWorld files. Installation is easy, simply double click on a MCPack or MCWorld file. That will automatically install, then activate the mod. Whether you decide to play with those particular Free Minecraft Mods depends on if you choose to make a world with them. Some of those Free Minecraft Mods you can even put into an existing game, like texture packs!

Tip: If you download a zip file, rename to *.MCPack, then double click to install!

Just a texture pack!Please note that you will not be able to install Mods which change the behavior of the game world itself and have them work. For example a larger cave system would not show up in an already generated world, but you could change the way that certain mobs look.

Friends can play too

Not only can you use and install a mod or texture pack, but you can have your friends play on those same worlds, mods, or texture packs. When you first create the world, under packs, make sure that your friends use them by clicking on "Require players to accept resource packs to join". Before they can login to your world, they will be required to download the appropriate files (done automatically), before they can join your world.

My Favorites

Free Minecraft Mods for WindowsWhen I first started playing Minecraft, one of the first addons I experimented with, was Super Loot. You see Minecraft even in hard mode became too easy. I wanted more of a challenge, and at first, it was. But then I learned the behaviors and how to win every time. I no longer use Superloot, but one of the aspects I liked about it was that the mobs became much more harder to defeat. Now days, there is an option to have regular loot drops (v3.0), but again there are tricks to make it easier.

Overall if you want more mining and crafting options, you're going to love Tinker's Legacy: Arsenal. This one comes with both a resource pack and behavior pack. It changes the look and the way the game is played. The useless Block Cutter Stand is replaced with a Tinker Workstation which will allow you to make more weapons. 3 more mines to find are also helpful.

Jurassic Craft gives you a different type of mob to deal with, Dinosaurs. No more cows, pigs, and horses. Train a Dino to fight for you and even to ride! Random Fishing similar to Lucky Blocks, in it adds more loot to the game, but instead you get the loot by fishing it up. You will need patience, and to find some string to make your own fishing pole.

Changing the look and feel

Summer Fields is a Free Minecraft Modsbeautiful texture pack which makes grasslands much brighter. It turns Minecraft into a beautiful vibrant world to explore. Even the water looks a bit more realistic, without needing ray tracing on your grafix card. Set this addon to the least priority to use with other mods.

If you tire of the same old biomes, then yBiomes Craft is the addon for you. It adds more diversity into the game. Additionally, if you are a fan of larger more realistic Caves and Cliffs, you should definitely get those two Free Minecraft Mods. Warning! Illagers can spawn in those caves, below your village, they're vast.

Super Hard Mode

I should give you fair warning. With Netherite armor and weapons, I still died several times when I activated all of tBhe below Free Minecraft Mods. It made the game MUCH harder, but I persevered.

If you like it hard, and I mean REALLY hard, try out Obsidian Pack, Super Loot (with reduced drops), Cursed Biome, and Carnage. Better yet, use all 4 at once! These Free Minecraft Mods make the game nigh impossible. No matter if you are above ground, nor below it  you will always be hunted by something.

Download 50 Free Minecraft Mods Compilation Pack

If you want to download everything above, plus some more of my favorites, you can download 50 of my favorite Free Minecraft Mods for Windows which includes Addons, Texture Packs, & Templates. You can download them individually for free by doing it your self, or get them all at once as a VIP member.

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