I promise you my friends, this Free XBox  Game Card Trick costs nothing but a few minutes of your free time daily, and involves nothing illegal. By using this trick, I keep the kiddies entertained for free, with free games, and free online play. This leaves me with plenty of game time on my computer, uninterrupted.

Free XBox Game Card Trick

Free XBox Gold Game Card TrickThis Free XBox Game Card Trick, is very easy to achieve. You can do it on a computer, or on your phone. If you have a browser installed on your game console, you can even do it there. You just need to do it every day, for a few minutes each time. There's nothing to it. 

So to start, I want you to follow this link, and create an account on the Bing search engine. Next, you will want to install the toolbar or addon for your phone. Make sure you log in with your Microsoft Rewards account.

Now it is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Quizzes and PollsSearch Daily using the Bing Search Engine (make it your default engine to ensure it is hit daily).
  2. Do the daily Quizzes and Polls.
  3. Refer your friends.

Pro Tip: You can do it quicker than one month by hitting up the Trivia Hub and completing more quizzes, every day.

Now every month, you should be able to get enough points to get a Free XBox Game Card. Put this on your XBox or computer to get free games and free online service each month for your XBox. The card will be sent digitally to the email address you registered

Pro Tip: You will earn points for a 3 month card quicker than if you get 3 one month cards.

Redeemable Rewards
Redeemable Rewards

Pro Tip: Don't do the contests to win merchandise. Those are traps because you waste points with a slim chance of winning. Save the points for actual redemptions.

Two last tricks

I am sure you will like these Free XBox Game Card Tricks. Some of the polls you do daily, will reward you for every correct answer. If you do a poll and only get a few correct, just do the poll again, so you can get the reward for more correct answers.

Finally, if you are on a timed quiz, just click every answer until the correct answer is highlighted. You won't get fouled against you, so essentially as long as the correct answer pops in the time frame, you get all the points!

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