I am sharing with you, a Gems of War Soul Farming method. If you've played Gems of War for any period of time, then you know souls are one of the hardest resources to come by, for this reason alone. This method can be done at any level and will get you upto 120 souls in as little as 30 turns.

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Gems of War Soul Farming

Gems of War Soul Farming Gems of War Soul Farming is actually fairly easy, once you know the fastest methods. It might even surprise you to know how simply you will be able to farm these souls. Once you do in fact learn this method, you will be able to start upgrading troops more often, forging powerful allies, and of course creating over-powered weapons. Once I created my first batch of souls, I finally created my first weapon that cost 100k souls. You can do it too!

So you'll want to start out by first going to Games. Then you should head on over to Treasure Hunt. Once open, go ahead an start matching. But, I want you to keep a few rules in mind.

Gems of War Soul Farming Rules

  • Gems of War Soul FarmingWhen possible, create normal footlockers and the green upgrade chests. Do not create the red ones, nor the vaults. 
  • You should always aim to create 5 matches, rather than 4 matches.
  • If you have a choice of 4 and 5 matches, even if you think you can do both, always opt for the 5 gem match first and foremost.
  • If you have a chance to create a chest or to get a 4 or 5 match, opt for the match. 
  • Our goal is to create footlockers and green chests, and to do it in as many moves possible.
  • Normal footlockers are preferred over green chests, but in a pinch, either will do.

ProTip: If you want to hunt for gems instead, try for green chests and red chests. If your goal is gold, your goal will be to gather bags and footlockers.

Final Words

The outcome of this Gems of War Soul Farming, should be 80-120 souls per game. I have noticed with around 30 to 60 turns, and only footlockers is when I get the most souls.

But wait, there's more... Yes, this kicks some serious butt, however I have also discovered another method, which I will also be sharing with our Pro Members in a few days. You'll be able to Soul gather in half the turns, and with a better average. Keep checking back for more Gems of Wars guides too! 

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