GoW Soul Gathering Pro EditionI came up with a second GoW Soul Gathering method, but you would need to use the first Gems of War Soul Farming guide to boost the troops necessary to achieve it. Assuming you have the troops, you will be able to acquire 120 souls per battle, no matter the enemy's level. You will probably realize at this point that you will be using a team to battle enemies, instead of using treasure maps.

The main difference between this method of GoW Soul Gathering and Gems of War Soul Farming, is that it takes 10-15 turns to achieve 120 souls, versus 20-25 turns which may garner much less souls. The previous method requires a mastery level of treasure maps. This is simply a build which works amazingly well to maximize soul gathering.

GoW Soul Gathering Pro Guide

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So let's begin. The first thing you will need to do, is to gather all the troops necessary, as well as my preferred weapon. If you don't have the weapon, you can substitute for something else which you like. But if its not meant for soul gathering, then it will take you more turns to achieve the max amount of souls.

Final Word

For this GoW Soul Gathering build, do your daily Adventure Board, low level Explore, or low level Challenges. It is not meant to be a viable high level PVE or PVP team, only used to gather souls. You will never be able to gather more than 120 souls with this build - unless you are doing an event or kill a special troop. It is meant to sustain, till you can gather the maximum allowed souls. It is not meant to kill outright, unless you have finished Soul Gathering.

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