Lifeboat Minecraft SurvivalLifeboat Minecraft Survival is a bit different than Minecraft Survival on your standalone game, even when you invite your friends to play. The biggest difference is that right from the get go, everyone is out to get you. I am going to share my tips and this guide to surviving on Lifeboat Network's Survival Server.

Lifeboat Minecraft Survival explained

The first thing you need to understand when you play Lifeboat Minecraft Survival, is that everyone really is out to get you. Once, in a rare moment someone might try to offer you food or other goods. Its usually a trap. They throw food at you, or goods at you, so you will stop and pick them up instead of running away.

Sadly, even if you run away, zigging and zagging you can still die. In fact, due to an exploit that I will mention here for Pro members:, it's almost impossible to get away from someone who wants to kill you. Your best defense might actually be to throw a piece of armor or weapon to the side, so the person has to diverge and pick it up.

Tip: Don't forget its faster to run, and spam jump. It wastes a lot more hunger, but you'll move faster.

Lifeboat Minecraft Survival Technique

Once you login to the game, I want you to look around, and see where your enemies are. Don't forget, everyone is an enemy at this point. See where they aren't, and run in that direction (don't forget to look down). At this point you are pretty much worthless, but within 30 minutes to 2 hours, you are going to be at the top of the food chain following this Lifeboat Minecraft Survival guide.

When no one else is in sight , you need to farm trees, and nothing else. Farm the wood, and if you are farming oak trees, make sure to come back for the apples on the ground - but don't destroy leaves to get the food - this wastes time. Just let it deteriorate and drop the apples and sticks naturally. Once you farm 1 stack of wood, look around for a torch or chest to raid. If you don't see one, no big worries, you can make some later.

Digging Down

Lifeboat Minecraft Survival Digging DownAt this point, your now objective, is to dig down. Our objective is to get our of range of anyone seeing us on the surface. In fact, the ultimate goal, is to get to Bedrock. But for now, that means digging straight down. Get as far down as you can go, without needing a pickaxe. When you dig all the dirt or gravel down, build a crafting table and make a pickaxe with stone and sticks. You might want to make a few at this point. Pick up your crafting table, and continue down. Straight down. We are making it, so no one will follow.

If you die, because you hit an open cavern, rinse and repeat the above. If you don't, and you hit bedrock, that's even better!

Tip: If you had a water bucket and dirt, you can plant seeds underground and grow your own food. Just remember to put torches at 2 up from where you plan to plant seeds. 

Mining Iron and Coal

Lifeboat Minecraft Survival MiningOnce you hit bedrock, its time to search for ore. We are only looking for Iron Ore and Coal. If you see Redstone or Lapis Lazuli, just leave them. We have no use for them in Lifeboat Minecraft Survival

If you haven't made them yet, you're going to want to make a Furnace and lots of Stone Pickaxes. Use stone pickaxes because they are essentially free. As long as you aren't mining diamond, they will work perfectly fine for mining iron and coal. If you come across some diamond blocks, then you'll want to make an iron pickaxe. I like to carry one with me, wherever I go.

TIP: Carry an empty bucket to collect water or lava with. Either one will slow a would be pursuer.

End Game

Once you make a full set of Iron and/or Diamond armor, make sure you have the best weapon possible, and then return to the surface to wreck havoc on people. You are now free to take anything you want, with little regard to your enemies.

Tip: You probably have lots of stone. Make walls. They are perfect for building temporary shelters, while you dig straight down to escape multiple enemies.

Nintendo Switch Minecraft Controller
Nintendo Switch Minecraft Controller

Remember, you can rinse and repeat if you die. But hopefully this Lifeboat Minecraft Survival Guide has helped you to learn how to win.

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