I only play hard mode survival, no cheats so I came up with this Minecraft Chicken Egg Farming method. You need this if you want to gather enough eggs to setup a chicken farm. 

Minecraft Survival Egg Farming

Minecraft Survival AFK Chicken Egg FarmingI love keeping chickens more than any other animal in Minecraft. I have always had a difficult time finding a pair of chickens, but that's no longer necessary with my Minecraft Survival Egg Farming. You too will be able to do it, very easily. You will want to farm eggs, as once you gather 16, you can throw them and break them. They then have a chance of breaking and dropping a baby chick.

To prove that this method is viable, I am going to create a new world, without any mods, and show you my method in a video. I will first have to gather dirt to make some walls and dirt to make a rudimentary shelter. I could do my normal way, and create a home, but that would take longer to prove my concept to you.

Building a home in Minecraft

I like to make my homes underground as I only need to dig out a space, not create a new space above ground. Its a lot quicker and still allows me all the benefits of a home above ground - except for two. First, sheep do not regrow their wool underground fast, and you cannot grow trees underground. You can however farm and raise chickens underground.

Why Chickens?

Why do I like chickens above any other animal? They provide feathers which we need for arrows, they provide eggs used for baking, they do well underground, and the eggs aren't very handy to throw at mobs. The eggs themselves do little damage, but they can knock mobs off of cliffs causing fall damage. Finally, they are a great food source and as you kill or create them, they create more experience.

Minecraft Survival Egg Farming Proof of Concept

I get my first egg around 8 minutes in, and if you keep watching all 33 minutes of it (even though I didn't since I was AFK), you will see that I in fact got 4 before I killed the chicken. You will also see how I did it, with just dirt blocks which I picked up, some seeds, and a chicken. The chicken was the hardest part of the equation.

Alternative methods

Personally, I am not impressed with this method that someone came up with, because in survival, you can't create this easily. In fact, it can't be done until you have created an iron pickaxe and mined your way down to Redstone. So basically, it can't be used until quite a bit of time has passed - unless you cheat by going to creative mode, and just add all these blocks into the game. But what's the point of survival, if you need to cheat.

Final words

Obviously, if you manage to find a pair of chickens, then you can simply feed them to get more chicks, but if you only find one, my Minecraft Survival Egg Farming will prove invaluable.

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