Electronic Gambling TricksThere are a couple of Electronic Gambling Tricks that allow a person to increase the amount of comps they get from a casino. Its a method by which anyone who is of legal gambling age can do. This trick might work in other countries, but I do not know if they offer comps such as in the USA.

Electronic Gambling Tricks

These Electronic Gambling Tricks, work on at least 2 machines that I know of, it may work on others as well, but again its not something I have tested or can verify. Comps are a way that casinos reward their players, and can take the form of free food, free event tickets, and free hotel rooms. Comps may also include status upgrades or even free flights to and from a casino. Some casinos will offer you cash back for losses!

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Electronic Gambling Tricks are NOT illegal, and will NOT get you thrown out of a casino. They are frowned upon, but are allowed. Within 24 hours, you will be able to see if they flagged you as an advantage player, depending on the amount of comps you earn. If you wagered $200 for an hour, you should see at least $100 in comps. If you see only $10, then you were flagged, and you should consider changing casinos - this is for whole chains. So if you played at an MGM casino, then avoid all MGM corporation Casinos. The same holds true for Boyd Gaming, Caesar's/Harrahs, or even Stations. You can also look to leaving the casinos near you and visiting Atlantic City, Cripple Creek, Blackhawk or any number of casinos in Nevada.

In the event that you are flagged and played on a Electronic Gambling Machine, you should consider playing Live gaming with a real dealer, using the Electronic Gambling Tricks you have learned.  Remember to Tip!

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