MMOExploiters Opening Again

After the abject failure of our other decisions, MMOExploiters Opening Again but as simply a blog. No forums, will be open, if you wish to respond or ask a question, you can do it via the comments section or using the contact form.

Payment Model

MMOExploiters Opening AgainWe will be offering a service to either complete survey walls or pay with crypto-currency. This will be for premium 3rd-party guides and game-breaking cheats. Bots and game hacks, might also be covered, that's open at this point. We have had too many people who claimed they never received the knowledge and filed disputes with either PayPal or their credit card companies, or even reverted charges. The problem with doing that, is well we lose access to those services if enough of you do it. No more. So from now on, you can complete a survey or pay with Bitcoin.

Other Services?

We may or may not sell other services on this site, that is as of yet to be determined. If we do, they also will be crypo-currency payments for tangible items (for example I sell "herbs" on the side). Non tangible will fall in with either cryptocurrency or survey walls.

Will anything be free?

Of course. There is always something which we don't feel should be paid content, usually guides and such. But cheats, game hacks, and unethical Life Hacks - which gains either money or tangible goods, will be paid.

Will anything be NSFW?

No, this site will be rated G. No vulgarity, and certainly no Pr0n.

What will we cover with MMOExploiters Opening Again?

We will not just support MMO's, but also RPG's, MOBA's, FPS', and any other type of game. We will also provide on occasion, what might be called Life Hacks, though their usage might be more in line with Unethical or Illegal Life Hacks. We offered some in the past along with how to get free state filings with Turbotax. So something along those lines.

During Quarantine

Free Bitcoin Hourly
Get free Bitcoin every hour

I have been recently playing Minecraft! I know its not something that I would have gotten into in the past, but I have found it quite enjoyable. I rarely if ever read tutorials, and have fun creating my own ways of doing things, including exploring, but always on Hard Survival. Sometimes with even harder mods, with harder more-intelligent mobs.

Rift, I have gotten back into this game for a bit, I enjoy the Instant Adventure and creating my own custom builds. In fact this site used to get quite a bit of hits from people looking for those OP Rift Builds I came up with. I might put some newer ones up, we shall see. For a few brief months I tried my hand at classic World of Warcraft, as well as the latest version of it, but just couldn't hold my attention for long. 

Gems of War. I am not nearly the highest level, but a few weeks ago, at level 600 or so, I made rank 1 in PVP. That was pretty spectacular, to me. Now almost level 700, I expect to do better. I have been learning and playing with different builds. I plan to share some of them. I have a decent Thief team and a killer Sentinel team.

... and with this month and a half downtime, I thought long and hard about MMOExploiters Opening Again.

UPDATE: In regards to Opening, and then being shut down for some months. I actually couldn't get into the backend. I tried looking it up, to no avail. This month (January 2021), I had an epiphany. I had unloaded some themes, and also some plugins, that didn't work. Finally, I tried something different, looked at the files directly, and noticed a file was in the admin directory that shouldn't be there. I removed it, and was able to login. So if you can't get into your wordpress back end, remove any .htaccess files. It might not be a problem with the server/hosting like other websites suggest.

More? Of course there will be more.

I will be adding various game guides for readers to download. Of course I already mentioned, that we will no longer accept PayPal/Credit Cards, so it will be all survey walls and cryptocurrency to get them. But you can pay me $1-$2 to get them, or $8-$28 to someone else. They choice is always yours.

You know, anything else will be up in the air, and will be considered. At this point, we are open for ideas, and will consider anyone who wishes to submit content. For now, leave a reply, or use the contact form.

Anyways, let me be the first, to welcome you back as we are proud that MMOExploiters Opening Again.

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