I have used this Auto Browser Traffic Booster to increase my traffic and income on websites. I will be explaining some specific cheats to use it with later, which you will be able to use, to make a passive income. That being said, the passive income I mention does require you let it run on your computer, while you are away- but that's it.

Auto Browser Traffic Booster Software

Auto BrowserTo use this Auto Browser Traffic Booster, you're going to need to have installed Sandboxie, which we posted a few days ago. The reason you need to run this Auto Browser in Sandboxie (or another sandbox) is that you're going to earn credits by browsing other people's websites. Those sites, might try to infect your computer with Trojans, Viruses, and RATs (Remote Admin Tools), and as such we DON'T want that. By putting it in a sandbox, you can simply delete the contents of the sandbox every 12-24 hours.

There are actually several Auto Browser Traffic Booster's, but I am going to share with you, the one which works the best, that I have personally tried. It's called Hitleap. Hitleap is the least interactive of them all, and can be run in the background while you do other things. The others, you need to on occasion, prove you are human or click on ads to generate more traffic. You will need to make an account on this Auto Browser Traffic Booster, after which you will be able to download and install their software. All of that is safe. But once installed, you will right click on it, and run it in a sandbox.

Passive Income Example

Pretty simple so far, right? There will be other examples later, but for now I am going to share one such way that you can make an income by using this Auto Browser Traffic Booster. You will want to create an account over at Clickasnap. You can upload an image, and then pay for a basic subscription. Once you do, you can earn .25¢ on each view. When you get to $15 worth, you can start cashing out. What you will start to do, is use the Auto Browser to promote your image (see example). Then, use Hitleap to promote your image. I set mine to 50-100 a day to start. Its not a lot, but will start showing that my image is getting hits. After a week, I will increase it to 50-200 a day and so on. This way, the traffic looks organic, and will net me income which I can use to make money.  

This is just one of the ways we can make money with an Auto Browser Traffic Booster. I will share more later. Hopefully you will be able to think of other ways to make money with it. If you do, share your Auto Browser leads with us, in the comment section.

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